Proud to be an ethically conscious business who gives back to the community.

Australian Wholefoods is committed to engaging with, supporting and building local community.

Wherever possible we support local producers and suppliers, purchasing fresh produce, dairy, poultry and meat from local SA growers and manufacturers as well as from the wider Australian community. Each year we segregate and recycle more than 50 tonnes of cardboard which would otherwise end up in landfill. We recover more than 150 tonnes of organic sludge from our wastewater each year, before releasing the treated water into the sewer. Approximately 8 to 10 billion dollars of food is wasted each year in commercial and residential waste. That’s around four million tonnes of food that ends up as landfill ( Australian Wholefoods is proud to have an ongoing relationship with Oz Harvest. Oz Harvest is a food rescue organisation who collect and distribute quality excess food from commercial outlets and donate it to over 600 charities, providing much needed assistance to men, women and children across Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth.  Each week Oz Harvest rescue 56 tonnes of food that would otherwise go to landfill. They collect from 2,000 Donors and distribute to over 600 agencies with their network of 26 vans on the road. Australian Wholefoods is pleased to work with such a valuable charity who provides benefit to so many.



Partnering with South Australian & Australian business wherever possible.



Managing waste and operating mindful manufacturing processes.



Supporting the community and charity initiatives for those in need.

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