A purpose built facility which seamlessly produces product end to end. Development, processing, manufacturing and distribution.

Australian Wholefoods operates a world-class, state of the art facility in Salisbury South – South Australia.

Employing approximately 165 people and producing over 100,000 fresh chilled ready meals every week for distribution around the country – we supply a wide range of product to the retail market through major retailers.


Australian Wholefoods specialises in fresh or frozen oven baked ready meal solutions ranging in size from 80g to 3kg, including Pasta, Shepherd’s Pie and Quiche, baked desserts and snacks. We order and receive fresh raw ingredients daily as required, all locally sourced wherever possible. We then produce meals fresh each day and distribute product daily.


With 5 kettles each with capacity for 900kg of sauce, soup or stew, 2 separately operable production lines, and 2 autobake serpentine ovens our facility has the capability to produce individual meals at a rate of up to 2,500 per hour for a single serve meal, with total production output between 1.5 and 2.5 metric tonnes per hour.


Australian Wholefoods production process utilizes best practice for ensuring optimum food safety and shelf life for a fresh chilled meal. All meals are produced in a continuous batch process ensuring that the product is assembled, baked , chilled and then MAP packed within a 5 hour production window. The unique MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) process is undertaken in our high care packing room and product is subsequently passed through check weighing and x-ray checks before being packed into the final shipper and dispatched to the customer.

Australian Wholefoods

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